Our EP

JULY 1/17 we will release our second EP, “You + Me!” There are 6 original songs we can’t wait to share with you!

Sometimes we wonder why we have been called to music and then to share it with people. Now we know that music can change people. We believe it can transform lives.

We are blessed we have been given a calling of music.

We are blessed to play together as brothers.

We are blessed we love music and how do we share that with you? We write together and make albums. This has been a rewarding experience under the direction of our piano teacher, friend and producer, 12 time CCMA nominated Mike Little and all ’round good guy. (mflmusic.ca)

Mike hooked us up with some seriously talented musicians and tech experts. Shout out to Candace, Justin, Ben, Matty, Adam, Russ, Brenken, Scotty, Ty, Karen and Mark.

You + Me is a collection of songs written about our relationships, experiences with new chapters in our lives and our growing faith.

Hear Some Samples From the EP Now!