Night and Day

When Ty and I were in a band (before Dayne was our drummer), we were trying to write one of our first songs.  The other member of our band was fooling around on guitar, playing a very simple pattern, with a cool chord progression.  We decided that it would be a cool intro to our song.  Though it changed quite a bit, that was the first piece of Night and Day.

We ended up getting most of the chords down before we looked at lyrics.    I settled on the topic of loneliness. I did most of the lyric writing at the time and thought of isolated people and what family and friends mean to them.  At the time, I thought of our Great Grandma who lived in an old folk’s home.  I imagined what it would have been like for her to live by herself in an apartment in Moose Jaw, and how she always loved having her family over to catch up and take care of her.

The lyrics in the bridge were the last change that we made (on recording day).  It helped keep the song general and in that way, we hope more people are able to connect to it.