Show You There’s Hope

I wrote “Show You There’s Hope,” the title track, so it would relate to different people, and  apply to many circumstances that may seem hopeless.

When I first thought of the idea for Show You There’s Hope, I wrote it about a person living in a difficult situation, or is going through a tough time in life, and a friend reaching out to them with these encouraging words. It shows that when people in our lives are going through a tough stage of life or living through a storm, we can be encouragement to them, and remind them the truth there is hope.

We were severely affected by the Calgary Flood ’13 and we lost our home. I lost everything I owned so I lived this song of hope! My hope is found through my faith. Working through the song, I also wrote about how God reminds us of hope in Him, anytime, especially when facing the challenges and struggles of life.



With production by renowned producer Hugo McLaughlin of KLM Music, additional string accompaniment by the incredible CCMA winner Denis Dufresne, and the engineering, mixing and mastering magic of Spencer Cheyne OCL Studios this is a debut release worthy of even the most discerning music lovers’ attention.