War Is Won


When our Great Grandma passed away, I challenged myself to write a song about it.  I remember sitting in the basement of our house, writing out the lyrics on lined paper, and strumming what felt right.  I knew I was going to include how she immensely loved all those around her, and how she could give the most tender, yet firm hugs, even into her mid-90’s!!  More importantly, I recall wanting to incorporate the fact that she lived a great life, and that it is not over – but that it has only just begun!  Working through it with Hugo and Ty, we decided to add the line, “Christ lived in you so, the War is Won”.  It was the perfect combination:  That her life on Earth was lived in the faith, and that, even though her physical body slowly faded away, the true war is won. It is a personal song for us, so we do not perform it in public.  It is an EP exclusive!